1. Can I make a purchase at website?

Recommend to click on our Shopee or Lazada shop to make the purchase as we have many offer and rewards at the platform.


2. Can I claim warranty?

Yes, you may contact us via the platform such Shopee or Lazada ( at the place you make purchase ) for us to email the warranty invoice for you to make the claim.


3. Is the product Original?

Yes, all of our product are original from the supplier or distributor of the brand.


4. Can I make urgent order?

We are sorry as we dont accept urgent order as order need to go through a few process before shipment. The shipment will be 1-2 working days.


5. From Sabah / Sarawak can order spray, chemical or battery?

Yes, however only at Shopee you may order those items by using Shopee Express Sea Shipping, otherwise the product cant be shipped.


6.  Is this official website page for Premium Hardware Store?

Yes, this is official website page for Premium Hardware Store shopee and lazada.