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[VALUE COMBO] Leili Alga600 500g
Price RM-50.00 - RM105.00
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Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm
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Meneutralkan keasidan tanah dan perbaiki nilai pH medium

Menggalak pertumbuhan akar, batang,bunga & buah

Memanjangkan jangka hayat tanaman dan tempoh kesegaran hasil

menghasilkan buah yang berkualiti, warna lebih cantik dan rasa lebih baik.

1G : 1L
10G : 10L
20G : 20L

Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder


Cost down transportation expense when enjoying the highest quality of product: A convenient soluble powder product suitable for a variety of growers

Utilize both on plant and soil by PGR and colloid substance to improve growth vigor, anti-stress capability and soil condition in terms of chemical, physical and biological perspectives

Shorten revival time 3 or 7 days down 

Prolong shelf life after harvesting

Increase market value significantly for agricultural products because of the certification of “organic products” from IMO 

Increase yield and quality of crops

Uniformize sizes of fruit

Provide full balanced spectrum of nutrients efficiently for plants and prevent plant physiological disease effectively

Control vigorous growth during seedling stage and regulate plants growth in intelligent way

Thicken, enlarge and symmetrize the growth of leaf

Improve the capability of plant disease and stress resistance 

Stimulate shoot elongation and strengthen bud break homogeneity

Flourish flower bud differentiation and improve blossom and fruit set rat

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[VALUE COMBO] Leili Alga600 500g

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