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Brand: Sika
Colour: White Paste
Volume: 5kg

SikaWall®-603 Acrylic is a skim smoothing rendering paste used for levelling uneven surfaces and repairing surface defects in concrete, plasters and drywall. A smooth surface is obtained by eliminating blemishes such as grooves, seams, fine cracks and blowholes. 

-Application thickness of 0.3mm - 4.0mm.
-White smooth finish.
-Excellent trowel ability.
-Can be overpainted.
-Good weather resistance.
-Cost and time-saving.

i) For interior and exterior walls, columns and ceilings:
-Shuttered concrete
-Reinforced concrete shell-work
-Concrete soffits
-Cast in-situ concrete
-Precast concrete panels/Acotec panels
Note: Painting on the skimcoat surface is recommended for exterior application.

ii) For interior use:
-Light weight block plasters
-Brickwall plasters
-Drywall - Gypsum boards, cement boards and plasterboards

*Product Specifications:
-Fresh Mortar Density : 1.8 kg/l
-Consumption : ~1.8 kg/m² per mm thick, depending on the quality of the substrate.
-Curing Time : 24–48 hours depending on application thickness and ambient conditions.
-Waiting Time / Overcoating : 2 hours at 20 °C.
-All substrate must be clean, sound, dust-free and without any traces of oil, laitance, curing compound, coatings and etc.
-Blowholes, seams, and surface defects exceeding 3mm must be treated with the Sika®MonoTop® range of products prior to application.

*How to Use?
1) Apply 1st coat with stainless trowel or spray.
2) A minimum of 2 coats are required to obtain a satisfactory surface.
3) Allow sufficient drying time so that is not drawn off while applying 2nd coat.
4) Use sandpaper to obtain a smooth finish.
5) Allow 24 hours of curing time before applying covering material.

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